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Gosen Synthetic
As a leading manufacturer of synthetic strings, Gosen has been pursuing every possibility of improvement for racket sports based on its longstanding experience, continuous research and pioneering spirit.

Only £11.00

Ashaway 21

Ashaway Rally 21
Ashaway is best known for manufacturing the world class racket strings used by many of the world’s leading professional players. As the only United States manufacturer of racket strings, Ashaway stands alone in meeting the stringing needs of tennis, squash, racquetball and badminton players.

Only £14.00


Ashaway Zymax 70
Ashaway Racket Strings has introduced the first string of its highly anticipated ZyMax® line of badminton strings. ZyMax 70 makes maximum use of Ashaway’s patented new ZyWeaVe™ core processing technology which produces thinner, stronger strings..

Only £14.00

yonex Titanium

Yonex BG 65 Titanium (Red String)
Yonex BG 65 Titanium Red is a multifilament string with a compound titanium hybrid coating providing a sharp but comfortable feel at impact.

Designed for hard hitters seeking maximum feel and durability.

Only £16.00

Zymex 69 Orange

Zymax 69 Fire (Orange)
Made from Ashaway’s revolutionary BETA Polymer raw material. The BETA fibres and ZyWeave technology combine to provide maximum tension stability, toughness, durability, super elasticity and stiffness for optimum feel and repulsion.

Designed for  maximum repulsion and shuttle response.

Only £14.00

Zymax 64 TX (Yellow)

Zymax 64 TX (Yellow)
Ashaway ZyMax TX features BETA technology which provides maximum dynamic stiffness and repulsion.

Only £14.00

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A monofilament string with excellent resiliency with above average durability, there is an abrasion resistant wear layer to resist notching. Very easy to string, this has a softer playability than other synthetic guts. Recommended for players requiring a more responsive string.

Only £13.00

Supernick XL

Supernick XL Original
The best selling squash string in the world. Powerful and durable with a fantastic feel – It is used at the very highest level of the game. Nylon multifilament core and unique braided surface offers all players superb feel and durability.

Only £19.00

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Bow Star Silver

Synthetic, Bow Brand, Bowstar (Silver)
A great polyester monofilament string for hard court durability but suitable for demanding players on all surfaces.
The slightly wider gauge Bowstar string option for increased durability.

Only £15.00

Super Eternyl

Super Eternyl (Dynamic Performance)
Monofilament polyamide co-polymer core wrapped with strong monofilaments.

Suitable for demanding player on clay and hard courts

Only £20.00

Bow Brand T2000

T2000 (Comfort & Control)
Suitable for players requiring control with comfort
Dupont N66 multifilament core.
Fine polyamide monofilament wrap. Coated

Only £22.00

Synthetic Gut XT

Synthetic Gut XT
Multifilament fibres sandwiched between a high tenacity monofilament polyamide core and strong monofilament wraps.
Suitable for all player types and surfaces

Only £20.00

Ashway High Tension

High Tension

Braided Kevlar with Monofilament polyamide co-polymer core wrapped with strong monofilaments.

Suitable for hard hitters requiring high tensions, with control

Only £24.00